Painting the iron gate !

Painting the iron gate
Peignant la grille en fer

English version below the pictures

La fin de la semaine dernière était ensoleillée mais avec une légère brise polaire assez piquante. Pas de pluie ! Je décidai donc de quitter mon confortable bureau  pour travailler à l’extérieur. La porte de fer de notre allée réclamait un nettoyage et une nouvelle couche de peinture. En effet, ô honte, elle  était rouillée à certains endroits et les lichens colonisaient certaines parties (oui, des  lichens sur le fer ) !! Il fait  tellement humide ici que tout est vert: les murs, les trottoirs,  oui, et les toits …).

Paint 1 attentifAttentive  painting the outside face 

It was sunny at the end of last week but with a feeble polar breeze rather biting. No rain! So I decided to leave my confy personal office to work outside . The iron gate of our driveway was claiming a cleaning and a painting . Indeed , O shame , it was rusty at some places and the lichens were colonizing some parts ( yes lichens on the iron !!  It is so wet here all is green: wall, pavements , roofs … )

Eh bien, oui,  je devais nettoyer cette lourde grille en fer forgé et je l’ai fait. Ensuite, j’ai appliqué une couche de produit anti- rouille; Vous savez une porte montre deux faces, l’une vers la route et l’autre vers la maison. C’est évident, mais pas tellement quand vous avez à les peindre. Ceci double la surface. Et il est de même pour le portillon  à côté. Ajoutez à cela que les barres ont une section carrée, donc elle ont quatre faces. Vous pouvez donc imaginer l’attention que  ce gros travail demande si vous voulez de ne pas  en oublier.

Paint 2 sans oublier le portillonAt the little gate for pedestrians      au portillon

Well, I had to clean this heavy wrought iron  gate  et made it .  Then I applied a coat of product against the rust; You know a gate  shows two faces , one toward the road and the other towards the house. It is obvious but not so much when you have to paint them. This doubles the surface . And it is the same for the little gate for pedestrians  aside . Add to this that the bars have a square section so a bar has four sides . So you can imagine the attention this  big work asks if you want to not forget  some parts   .

Ma femme Janine a été inspirée à me voir travailler dur, bien que molto moderato et a pris quelques photos à différents moments. Elles  parlent beaucoup! A la fin, j’ étais content , mais Janine sans pitié m’a dit “ce que tu viens d’ appliquer  était un liquide antirouille, bravo, mais maintenant tu dois  recommencer avec une véritable peinture noire de sorte que la porte sera protégée pendant longtemps!”  Le travail ne se termine jamais! Ah! Si ma grille d’entrée  était en or : pas de rouille et pas de peinture ! at sous le soleil de ….San Francisco  !!! ho! ho!   🙂

 Paint 3 tranquille sur l' escabeau
Quiet on the step ladder    à l’ aise sur l’ escabeau

Paint 4 trop relax à la finMy hat becomes tired ! 🙂    Mon chapeau commence à en avoir assez !!

My wife Janine has been inspired in seeing me working hard although “ molto moderato” and took some photos at different times . They speak much ! At the end I was happy but Janine without mercy told me “what you have just  applied was an anti- rust liquid  ,bravo , but now you have to start again with a true black paint so the gate will be protected  during a long time !” Work never ends ! Ah! If my gate  was a golden gate: no rust and no paint!…..and under the sun of ..San Francisco!!  ho!  h0!!    🙂

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53 Responses to Painting the iron gate !

  1. blb1 says:

    That certainly is a big job! I do not like to paint, thankfully the only gate we have is on a chain link fence, galvanized, never needs paing.

  2. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! you my friend are a true inspiration, and Janine is always there to make sure your labors are not for naught, and to document your work also 🙂 If your gate were copper it would develop a verdigris patina and blend into the damp surroundings… that would be less expensive than a golden gate..perhaps! Please do be careful on that ladder!!! ilym

    • You teach me Marsha . I did not know the vert-de -gris was said with same word in English (verdigris ) . I googled to know more . This chimical comes from the corrosion of the copper by acids of the air and is known since Antiquity (old French: vert de Grez ( green of Greece )

  3. Heartafire says:

    A lovely post, I adore the photographs. A labor of love I am sure. Is that a mail drop in pic #2? How lovely your surroundings are, the pavers and green grass and shrubbery. Don’t work too hard out there! Love, Holly

    • Yes , Holly ,it is a mail drop . We call this a letters box

      • Heartafire says:

        I don’t think I have seen a mail box in a gate/fence around here, we usually have them sitting on a pole of some kind out front, or situated on the house front by the door. In the case of apartment living, grouped together in one place, sometimes a good walk for the dwellers. 🙂 ❤

  4. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Afternoon, Michel. That is a very big job requiring much stanima and patience. Loved the photos. Have a very nice day.



  5. mrswrangler says:

    At least you got to enjoy some nice weather while working

  6. Restoring the gate is a happy job! The entrance of your home is now shiny and welcoming. Lots of love to you all ❤

  7. slmret says:

    You would not like to have to keep the Golden Gate Bridge well painted! It lives in the fog in San Francisco. It is a continuous job to keep it painted — when the painters finish one end, they begin again at the other!

    • You teach me Janet . I thought that San Francisco being a town of California the climate should be principally sunny and even dry but it appears this town by the ocean has a special weather with summers more less foggy.
      Ah if my gate was a golden gate I think it will not stay long at this place ! 🙂

      • slmret says:

        California covers 1,000 miles of coastline, mountains, desert, and in between! As such, it has many micro-climates. San Francisco, by the sea in Northern California, is notorious for its fog although it is beautiful when it’s sunny. It is in Southern California, even along the coast, where the fog stays out to sea, and the sky is most often blue! In the mountains, there is a mixture of warm, dry weather, and rain and snow in the winter. In the desert, it’s always dry and the sky is always blue!

  8. julie essex says:

    Well done Michel , especially as the weather this week has become very cold and wet. Our house needs painted when the spring comes

  9. jstnotherday says:

    Who is this wonderful man, doing the outside painting, in this interesting coat?
    “My hat becomes tired” – lol, yes, I see that, and I can imagine!
    Such a lot of work this gate is.
    ‘All is green’… including the gate…. chuckle.
    But now because of your work, your gate will present, once again, it’s true face to the world… inside and outside. 🙂

    I love that Janine took the photo’s. 🙂

  10. There you and your hat are having adventures again, Michel!!! 😀 YAY!!! 🙂
    What hard, yet rewarding work…cleaning up and giving the gate a “face lift”! 😉 😛
    And wives are always so helpful! 😉
    I used to drive across The Golden Gate Bridge (for about 8 years)…it seems like it was always being painted! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Did anyone honk a horn, 0r call out to you and your hat, while you were painting?!

    • people were so much amazed they forgot to honk . There are a lot of traffic at times in the street and drivers have to go forward without any stop and check carefully the car that is just before them 😉 Another explanation : the drivers were in awe!!!!!:) 🙂

  11. puffpop says:

    Painting with a hat and gloves…Interesting.
    That is a lovely gate , very ornate.
    Very helpful of Janine to take the pictures…

  12. puffpop says:

    Actually Florida is the 2nd largest coastline, next to Alaska. Florida has 1,350 miles( 2,170 Ki) Cal only has 840 miles. Alaska is #1. Of course, FL has more humidity and no mountains like CA or AK…With our humidity, an iron gate is not to be found. At our home, we do have one gate since we have a small fenced area where we can let our pets out but it is a “plastic” type material and never needs painting…(thankfully) I read the above comment regarding the CA coastline and am simply clarifying…We live in the middle of the state …between the Atlantic Coast , eastward and the Gulf coast Westward. The Panhandle of FL is on the Gulf coast . The Florida Keys (Key West) is the meeting place of the waters and there is a Sunset Celebration every day that is a lot of fun…
    It’s early morning here. I’m just getting up with my first cup of coffee. You have a wonderful day.
    votre amie,

  13. Thanks , Françoise, for those geographical precisions. Sometimes I am a bit lost by the immensity of the USA that are a true continent ..
    Humidity and warlth , this is encoutraging for the mushroms . I guess you have certainly beautiful specimens in Florida .
    Your cup of coffe is certaily empty now . Why not to drink a second one ? 🙂

    • puffpop says:

      We have a place where we can get delicious mushrooms very close to us. However, John can’t eat mushrooms because of his kidneys. A shame because he loves them. We are in strawberry season now. California has wonderful fruit. When we were there, the fruit was so very yummy. However, when we buy it here in FL., it’s not that great because it’s shipped across the country. Strawberries here are good but the Driscoll strawberries in CAL are out of this world (when you are THERE, but not when they are shipped)

  14. g. says:

    Painting a gate is a lovely thing, Michel. It’s one of those tasks that, once completed, makes everything look new. (I will also say, I like that you wore such a dapper hat while doing your work!)
    Now I’m quite inspired, and today I will make a plan to paint the rather drab coat closet by our back door!

  15. suester7 says:

    Yes, work never ends, but there’s a kind of satisfaction gained from hard work, no? 😉

  16. Karen says:

    Your work looks wonderful, Michel. Also reminds me that I will need to paint our rusty metal bulkhead (outside door to the basement) this spring. Stay well! Careful on the ladder.

  17. Zakiah says:

    Bravo Michel! You took care of a very imposing job. More power to you my dear friend. I love the beauty and the antiquity of your gate.
    You really don’t want to have to paint the Golden Gate of San Francisco, Too much fog there and the wind is horrible, not to mention how cold it can be in the middle of summer.
    Be well dear friend. Tell Janine, she takes beautiful pictures of a great man!

  18. It must have been difficult doing all the work with the cold wind. And I do agree that painting a fence like that looks misleadingly simple. There are so many little details and the metal rods have 4 sides.

  19. What a pretty gate! I am the worst painter in the world so Bruce doesn’t let me paint. He is an excellent painter. I don’t let him cook, so we are even!


  20. bernard25 says:

    Bonsoir MICHEL je pense que tu as fini de faire ta peinture
    je viens t’offrir
    La fleur de L’amitié prends en soin
    L’amitié à une grande place dans la vie
    A toi de la garder
    Certaines places sont cassables
    Mais une amitié fidèle ne peut pas se briser
    Alors donnons nous la main
    Belle soirée , bises , Bernard
    Belle fin de semaine

  21. L. Gail says:

    I love old iron gates and fences. and the photos Janine takes.

  22. AM says:

    L’ART c’est du travail 🙂
    Bravos pour cette entrée toute neuve!
    Amitiés, AM

  23. No rest for the weary eh, Michel?
    You did a great job and I love an iron gate–very majestic to me.
    LOL at your hat growing tired. You worked that hard!!!
    Janine did an great job with the photos…I think photos tell a story we can not do in words.
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  24. cocosangel says:

    You look awesome in the photos. A little bit like the Peter Falk as Detective Columbo. 🙂
    BTW, Michel did you hear anything about “Weggieboy” because I haven’t heard from him. And haven’t seen him on here or on Facebook.

  25. Isabel Capillas says:

    The gate at your house is more precious than the golden gate, Uncle Michel, because it guards the loving couple within.

  26. It’s a big job to maintain a gate like that! Do you keep it closed so that you have to go out an open it for guests? Not many homes in our area have gates like that. In fact, in our community, there are very few fences of any kind. It’s interesting to see the differences in the homes in different parts of the world!

  27. jlouisemac says:

    This post equally gave me a guilt trip and inspired me, bravo.

  28. I accidentally deleted your comment and I’m not even sure how I did that. I’m taking melatonin tonight and hopefully that’ll get me to sleep. I’ve been fighting off a cold too and a bit of coughing here and there doesn’t help.

  29. Rachel says:

    Very industrious , my friend! You have taken on quite the project. Here, in Michigan, I have two chores. One, to shovel snow, and two, to fill the wood stove with wood. I will be glad for spring! My love to you both! 🌹

  30. mcbery says:

    What a beautiful gate! I don’t like painting that much but I do love the way it looks when it’s done. Someday if I ever find time, I’d like to paint pictures. Suppose I should slow down a bit and try it? 🙂 Blessings on your day, Michel.

  31. I have never seen anyone paint such a lovely gate wearing such formal attire, but then there are many things I’ve never seen. You always write so poetically even about such things as painting a gate. 🙂 I agree with your other readers that The Golden Gate Bridge would be no fun to maintain! It is so huge! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring, my friend!!!! 🙂

  32. whyzat says:

    Good job, my friend. Painting a complicated structure requires attention, indeed! I am in the process of rebuilding my small backyard fountain, so, while you are up on your ladder, I am digging in the ground. 🌷

  33. Gill McGrath says:

    I can only see a golden gate! All the love care and attention you have given it and the wonderful photos Janine took of you painting it so carefully and with such attention IS PURE GOLD! Wonderful shining gem of a story ! ❤ xxx [hope the rust paint works!]

  34. marica0701 says:

    What a beautiful gate! I love the look of gates and fences in front of houses. 🙂

    Have a nice week!

  35. atzenicarlo says:

    You do like Monet. You are lucky I am not painting the gate, or Titus. It would like a rainbow gate.


  36. nice2beme says:

    Once, I was this volunteer who wanted to help my aunt paint the iron gates around her house and garden. My excitement left me after first 15 minutes of work when I`ve found out that it`s not that easy job. I tried to deal with myself to finish at least one of the sides, but could`t make it successfully)

  37. judyrutrider says:

    So many people prefer to pay someone else to do their little projects for them. I wonder if they have the same appreciation for the finished product that you have each time you view the rewards of your labor. Even repetitious tasks like mowing the lawn and weeding the garden, give me a sense of satisfaction and a good feeling of well-used muscles. I can’t imagine paying another to do what I enjoy.

  38. Oh, that looks like very painstaking work. Good job! 🙂

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