Wine cellar

La cave à vin .The wine cellar .

Récemment des amis me demandaient :
” Avez – vous une cave à vin ? ” Oui nous en avons une . Elle est montrée partiellement sur la photo .
Presque toutes les régions de France produisent du bon vin . Quand nous partions pour de courtes vacances nous rapportions quelques bouteilles et la cave s ‘ enrichissait progressivement de différents vins .
C ‘ est ma femme Janine qui gère la cave . Tout est classé avec étiquettes et répertoire accroché au mur .: Bourgogne , Beaujolais , Côtes – du – Rhône , Jura , Savoie , Alsace , Bordeaux , Loire , Champagne …
La couleur du vin dans le verre réjouit l ‘ œil . Le bouquet fait rêver . Et les goûts sont si variés !
Le vin réjouit le cœur de l ‘ Homme .


Photo of our wine cellar taken in December 14,2015

Recently some friends asked me : ” Do you have a wine cellar ? ” . Yes , we have . It is partly shown on the picture .
Almost all of the France areas product good wines . When we went on short holidays we brought back home some bottles and the cellar gained progressively in various wines .
It ‘ s my wife Janine who manages the cellar . All is classified , with labels and list on a placard hang on the wall : Bourgogne , Beaujolais , Côtes – du – Rhône , Jura , Savoie , Alsace , Bordeaux , Loire , Champagne …
The colour of the wine in the glass delights the eyes . The bouquet makes us dream . And the tastes are so different !
The wine makes the human heart glad .

 Cette seconde photo ci-dessous  a été prise en décembre 2002 . On voit que la cave à vin était plus fournie . cela vient du fait que depuis 4 ans nous n’ allons plus très loin en voiture et donc nous n’ allons dans les regions viticoles.Mais il reste les foires aux vins! Et j’ ajoute : Une cave à vin peut – elle toujours être pleine ?
cellier en 2003

This second photo above was taken in December 2002. We see that the cellar was more provided. This is due  we did not go very far away by car  for four years  and so we do not visit  wine regions…. but it remains the wine  And I add : can a wine cellar always be full ?

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41 Responses to Wine cellar

  1. ruthdetwiler says:

    lovely Michel and it is good to enjoy a nice glass from time to time.

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good morning, Michel. Thanks for sharing the photos of your wine cellar. It was beautiful. I only see them in movies.

    Hope you had a nice weekend.

    I am adjusting to my new sleep apnea machine. So far, I am not getting much sleep except when watching TV with my wife and going to church. I hope this thing works.



  3. Lovely the pairing of the wine with food! ❤

  4. mlbncsga says:

    I am very impressed Mornin Glorie…and Janine is to be recommended for keeping it all in order!!! I do not think the purpose of a wine cellar is to be full…We have three nice bottles hidden in the pantry, it is so tempting to uncork them, I know they would be delicious! ilym

  5. blb1 says:

    Not growing up with wine I was not exposed to a wine cellar. Here in TX and no basements I couldn’t even build one. 🙂 Enjoy yours. 🙂
    btw I wrote Saturday.

  6. Yvonne says:

    I’ll be right over. I’ll bring my own corkscrew.

  7. cocosangel says:

    Bonjour! Como tale vu?
    The wine cellars look lovely. That is interesting that you collect wine and keep for special occasions.
    Now is the best time to get them out! 🙂

  8. jstnotherday says:

    Oh my goodness, you have a wine cellar !?
    I can’t imagine a wine cellar because when I buy a bottle of wine it is to drink the bottle of wine. The cellar would always be empty. 🙂

  9. puffpop says:

    Thank you for this. I am fascinated by the subject of French wine. It is so much better than American wines.. While I do know that many of the grapes are imported from France, it’s just not the same…Is it your soil? Your general atmosphere? Do you have sulphites in your wines? Unfortunately, I’m not able to drink wine anymore but the subject is delightful…Hmmm. I don’t think a taste of superior French wine would bother me….An enjoyable subject.
    votre amie,

  10. Thank you for taking us into your wine cellar! Janine is doing a good job of managing it! 🙂
    How wonderful to know the bottles are awaiting times of celebration and joy! 🙂 But, how about a glass of wine today?…just because life is beautiful! 🙂
    🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  11. cheezlouise says:

    Thank you for sharing pictures, Michel, and your meditation on French wines. We enjoyed discovering the wines in various regions of France, and also in other countries, including Italy and Switzerland! Our country is beginning to offer some very nice wines as well, and some not so very nice. But the discovery is part of the joy of the journey into wines! When we built our home, Jeff insisted we must have a proper place for our wines, and so we planned a cave which is deeper than our basement. We have had much rain recently, and there was water standing in our cave. Yesterday we moved the racks to higher level until things dry. I beIieve that drinking wine is good for the body and for the soul!

    • Yes ,Michelle, Travelling in a region without wineyard is a penitence >
      And I agree with you to say we can find good wines in every country of Europe and in the world , France however is probably the country producing a great diversity of wines and cheese and bread. 🙂

  12. I left you a comment to your comment on my “This and That and Double Your Money Back” post!

  13. Wow. Never seen so much wine other than at the grocery store!

  14. atzenicarlo says:

    Very big treasure you have down there. Some bottles will disappear for Christmas I assume. Salute!

  15. L. Marie says:

    How lovely! I’m sure your guests appreciate your well-stocked cellar.

  16. Barbara Lenhard says:

    That is a very impressive wine cellar!

  17. Lovely, Michel. It is impressive for sure and we all need to sit w/a nice drink and relax now and then…or sip while dining..Ah…makes me smile to think of it. ,<3 Elizabeth

  18. AM says:

    Effectivement que de bons nectars la France produit !
    Santé et de belles fêtes à toute la famille !

  19. Cheri Herald says:

    What a wonderful wine cellar! Thank you for sharing.

  20. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour MICHEL
    Je te souhaite une très belle journée
    Il faut peu de chose pour être joyeux
    pour rendre quelqu’un heureux
    Le salut d’un (e)ami(e)

    Un signe chargé de tendresse
    La vie peut être superbe en couleurs
    Un peu de chaleur dans chaque cœur
    Un monde plein de douceur,pour apporter du bonheur
    Un oiseau viens de s’envoler

    Chez toi il vas se poser
    Pour t’apporte mon amitié avec de la chaleur en cette période des fêtes

    JOYEUX NOEL 2015

    Bisous , Bernard

  21. I envy you your beautiful wine cellar! Dan and I enjoy good wine. Of course, France is known for its wonderful wines. We get some good wines from Argentina, too. What is your favorite wine? We tend to like dry reds.

  22. slmret says:

    Michel: Re your note on Elizabeth’s site, I still post on Xanga, but not on Word Press. I established an account several years ago so I could have it Xanga went away, but I have never posted there. You should still be able to access my site at and to comment there. I’ve not posted as frequently as I used to do.

    • Janet ,I have just gone to your xanga site and read the entry ” Salt Creek Beach, 10/18/15″
      but I have not be able to comment . I read ” comment closed ” !! I am really sorry .
      I wish you a merry Christmas

      • slmret says:

        I’m sorry, Michel — Xanga seems to have changed their rules without notice — it was my understanding that former members could view and comment. Perhaps the (not very good) answer is for you to comment here — I do get notice of your posts, and read them and can comment. I’m resisting trying to maintain two sites! Meantime, merry Christmas!!!

  23. Judy Tanner says:

    When I visited France, I was astounded at how inexpensively one could buy very good table wine. Here in California, there are some local vintners who put a great deal of effort into creating good wines but they are not very affordable on my budget. My wine rack boasts a small selection of reds and I always keep a couple of bottles of white in the fridge for guests who prefer white. Do you have a recommendation for me? We can get imported wines affordably at Trader Joes, a chain import grocery store.
    Your cellar is the kind we only see in movies!

  24. Peggy says:

    It looks wonderful! I was tempted to open some wine yesterday with all the stress of Christmas prep, but I resisted ~ 🙂

  25. suester7 says:

    You have a beautiful and very well-organised wine cellar! Guess now is a good time to drink a few bottles! A good meal is not complete without a glass of wine, eh?

    I’ve received your Christmas card – thank you!

    May your heart always be merry and glad, with or without wine.

  26. Thanks Suzty and enjoy a glass of wine in thinking of me !:)

  27. neilc693 says:

    A wine cellar and garden! I’m jealous!

  28. L. Gail says:

    I don’t know much to say about wine. I am not educated on the tastes. I do like a sweet wine.

  29. Nena says:

    I think my husband would love to have a wine cellar:) I do not drink wine but I do enjoy cooking with it. Maybe a wine cellar won’t be such a bad idea;)

  30. Wow what a wonderful wine cellar. I love the one bottle nestled on the ground it’s huge. I too love the way way looks through the glass. I was thinking of my last wine tasting visit to a local winery and how much I love the feeling of wine cellars. They are so quiet. Wonderful share and post! ღ

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