Crawling in my office

Rampant dans le bureau

Crawling in my office

English version below the pictures

La semaine dernière, ma femme Janine est entrée dans mon bureau. Que pensez-vous qu’elle vit ? Elle a vu un homme rampant sur le sol parmi une quantité de partitions de musique enveloppées dans un plastique transparent. Qui était-il ?


A man crawling in my office  . Un homme rampant dans mon burea

Last week my wife Janine entered in my personal office. What do you think she saw ? She saw a man crawling on the floor among an amount of music papers wrapped in a transparent plastic . Who was he ?

Regardant de plus près, elle a réalisé que c’ était moi assis sur le sol avec, mon dos contre un meuble.


It was me !    C ‘ était moi!

Looking closer she realized it was me sit on the ground with, a t my back against a furniture.

Que se ? J’ai dû expliquer que je voulais obtenir deux partitions de musique à partir de deux piles posées sur les étagères. Mais hélas les piles de papiers enveloppés de plastique ont commencé à se déplacer et sont devenus une avalanche terrible qui s’écrasa au sol. . Pouvais-je me plier des centaines de fois pour les ramasser et les classer? Non. Pouvais-je rester accroupi pendant deux heures? Non . Une seule solution : s’asseoir sur le sol et essayer de mettre ensemble les mêmes morceaux de musique, puis les mettre dans un classeur .J’avais ces classeurs achetés un an auparavant, mais la paresse m’a poussé à ne pas les utiliser. Je payais d’un prix fort mon manque de rangement et d’organisation


Some time later  the work goes on,we see two workbooks , a large trash bag

   What was happening? I had to explain that I wanted to get two music partitions from two piles from the shelve . But alas the piles of plastic wrapped sheets started to move and became an awful avalanche which crashed to the floor. . Could I bend myself a hundred of times to pick and classify them ? No . Could remain crouched down during two hours? No. Only one solution , sit on the floor and try to put together the same musical pieces , then put them in a workbook . I owned those workbooks bought a year before but the laziness pushed me to not use them. I was paying high price my lack of tidying and organization

On dit que: seule l’expérience enseigne. Enseignement bien reçu !
They say that : only the experience teaches . I am taught. Be sure!



It is done !   Et voilà le travail!


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44 Responses to Crawling in my office

  1. ruthdetwiler says:

    Good job Michel but oh what a mess to have to crawl through. You made good changes.

  2. cuteandcurls says:

    Voila its all sorted, organised and tidy. My goodness Michel, that was alot of sorting out, i hope you did not hurt your back tho 🙂 May I also compliment that lovely jacket you are wearing ..i dont know what they call that type of style but i remember my sister used to have a female cut of said jacket and till to this day i pester her to sell it to me but she wont 🙂 Bonjour Michel

  3. blb1 says:

    Oh Michel if that were me I would have trouble getting to the floor and then trouble getting back up. I do hope you did not hurt yourself in those processes.

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Hope everything is back in the right order

  5. Marilyn Thysell says:

    Job well done, Michel. Now getting on the floor and getting back up would be a problem for me at this time. Hopefully with 2 new knees, things will change in another year. I need to do what you did and get my genealogy into binders. But mine, for now, are sitting in boxes. ❤ Marilyn

    • The hardest , Marilyn , was to do the genealogy . You made it . And for the moment it is saved in a box . Not so bad !! 🙂 For the moment the objective is the second knee !

  6. Heartafire says:

    Your tidiness puts me to shame Michel. I feel motivated to tackle the mess in my office. Perhaps after coffee. A wonderful post, I love these moments you allow us a glimpse into the life of Michel, it’s fabuleux! Much love, Holly ❤

  7. nannyfountain says:

    Sometimes tidiness waits for the right moment! Like the avalanche 😀 ❤

  8. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Congratulations, Michel. I shall cherish your photo.



  9. cocosangel says:

    Your crawling on the floor is very interesting. 🙂 But I am glad you are o.k.

  10. slmret says:

    I hope you did not hurt yourself! Accidents like that can happen in seconds — I recently fell with a stepstool that I was attempting to collapse — it collapsed and took me with it! No major harm done, but I was sore for a while!

    • Step Stool and ladders are dangerous . They must be well installed in a perfect equilibrium . Besides everyone is shouting at me to not use them but sometimes we are forced .
      I am glad , janet, you have not broken any part or your body and I hope the soreness is gone

      NB: Janet I cannot join you to read and comment . There is nothing in your WordPress site and you xanga it is visibly stopped

  11. jstnotherday says:

    Oh Michel! I love this picture of you! It is nice to know there is someone like me. 😀 I do much organizing on the floor. 🙂

  12. In Spanish a music score is called a ‘partitura,’ very similar to your French term.
    Your desk looks like a lovely antique.

  13. OH MY! When I read you title I thought of ants, spiders…wondering WHAT was crawling in your office! 😮 Glad to find out it was a WHO and it was YOU! 😛

    Ha! Those photos of you make me laugh! So cute! 😛 You should have The Hat on…he could have helped you! 😉 😀

    Hope you did not get hurt in the avalanche, Michel!

    You did a great job of tidying up and organizing the sheet music in a way that it cannot fall again! 🙂

    Did it look like snow as it fell to the floor?! 🙂

    ❤ and HUGS and thank you for the smiles and laughs! Not smiling and laughing AT you, but WITH you! WE must keep a happy face, even in the midst of chaos. 🙂

    PS…I should clean my office…but I think I'll leave it like it is until Spring cleaning time! 😉

  14. mcbery says:

    Oh no! You had a funny way of telling us about it. I hate it when things go crashing to the floor! 🙂 Sorting out the music must have been an exercise in joy? Blessings on your day!

  15. atzenicarlo says:

    I bet the music will sound better now, perhaps a tiny smiley note.

    Bien à toi

  16. “God Speaking To Anne Terri Through The Holy Spirit: Michel, I Assure you My Angels were with you, after you took to crawling about searching for the music. I imagine it would be fun to make a new composition in error. AMEN” “Dieu qui parle à Anne Terri par l’Esprit Saint: Michel, je vous assure Mes anges étaient avec vous, après avoir pris à ramper sur la recherche pour la musique. Je suppose que ce serait amusant de faire une nouvelle composition dans l’erreur. AMEN”

  17. Peggy says:

    Sure looks like a huge task! Always feels good to get something like that finished ~ 🙂

  18. weggieboy says:

    A brilliant solution, Michel! I’m sure your wife was alarmed to see you on the floor when she first spotted you there, but the end result probably was a husband who wasn’t all crippled from bending over and putting excessive strain on knees and back!

    So it was musical scores. I love French Baroque opera. Do you get involved in that sort of musical production? Delibes appeals, too, moving closer toward our times.

    • We sing Baroque and classic music but not opera and not only French : Mozart, Bach, Marc Antoine Charpentier, Vivaldi and more recent: Gounod , then modern like Gabriel Faure .most of the time religious .
      We sing also songs of the Renaissance ., not religious .

  19. Oh, no! That must have been a pretty funny mess for her to find. Glad you have everything neat and tidy now! Love, Caroline

  20. mimiwi2013 says:

    Oh my, Michel. I have had similar things happen, when a whole stack of something tumbles down. It is not fun having to pick it all up again. Now, like you, I could not bend over for long to pick things up. But I could not get down on the floor either, like you did to pick it up. Once I am down I can not lift myself back up again!! At least you were fairly comfortable doing your job! And it was a good incentive to get the job done, so this did not happen again. I am glad Janine took pictures of this. It gave me a good laugh to start out my day!

  21. whyzat says:

    The disadvantage of those plastic protectors is that they are slippery! It looks like you persevered and made it out alive! Bravo!

  22. Ellen Chambers says:

    Sometimes our best work is done when we are forced to do it. Glad you chose the safest solution..

  23. guestbrief says:

    So you do the filing the hard way!! I am glad it is done and the next music you look for will be in a handy notebook. I am glad you were not harmed in the filing. 🙂 Blessings!

  24. julie essex says:

    Well done Michel on a great job. I have a saying ” I have put in a safe place ” then I can never remember where the safe place was 😀

  25. suester7 says:

    I’m glad you are okay. Good job done on organising everything!

    Glad to be able to have a glimpse into your office. I’m very partial to wood furniture. 🙂

  26. I love these photos. What a great way to clean up the papers..I will do this in the future as I’m always knocking things off. I often sit on the floor when I have a huge pile of things to organize.. much easier that way.
    Nice to have a look at your office. Love all the wood.
    Love, Elizabeth

  27. I have a similar system for storing my pictures. One of these days they will attack me and I will be forced to organize them!

  28. angela says:

    hahah that’s my problem i’m paying with not deleting all the pictures off my laptop hence the slowness of the laptop. it’s my fault and i still know i need to delete them, but getting on here just makes the time DRAAAAAAAGGGGGG so i keep procrastinating. hahah now you had to fix your problem so that’s wonderful. i do love the wood in your office too. much love, michel! i did blog! ❤ ❤ ❤

  29. Nena says:

    LOL! What a great moment captured, Michel!! Sometimes we have to crawl before we get to stand and see the big picture;) The best way to learn is often through the experience. Hope you were able to put it all together and your wife can find you more easily next time;)

  30. Gill McGrath says:

    What a lovely story and such a lovely office. Paper, paper, such wonderful stuff and wonderful when it is all sorted! Thank you for sharing the moments after the ‘avalanche’. Nice to know I am not the only one that things happen to! Also hope everything found its rightful place and all is at peace now ! xxxxx Again such a lovely story thank you! ❤ Gill

  31. cjc22 says:

    I have been away on vacation with family and had a wonderful time. Am home and very busy having rehearsals for a cantata, this weekend, at a church three towns away. I have read all you have written and, as usual, am thrilled with your pictures and drawings as well as your words.
    Take care and my best to you and Janine.

  32. L. Marie says:

    Looks like my apartment! I also organize on the floor.

  33. iampeacenow says:

    I am so glad you were able to put everything back in the proper place. Getting up from the floor would be a struggle for me :-). peace to you.

  34. bernard25 says:

    BONSOIR beau BLOG ET merci pour le passage chez moi

    Mon petit passage du soir
    Ce soir dans le ciel
    Une étoile est née
    Pour illuminer ta soirée
    Lentement elle s’est déplacée
    Et chez toi elle va s’arrêter
    Pour t’éclairer et réchauffer ton coeur
    En laissant une étincelle de bonheur

    Bonne soirée suivie d une douce nuit

    Gros bisous


  35. marica0701 says:

    And there is great satisfaction after getting everything organized and tidy 🙂

    Have a nice week!

  36. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie….I would never use the word “laziness” to describe you…but it is nice to have your music organized…Great Job Michel! ilym

  37. judyrutrider says:

    I think it’s good to practice getting down on the floor and standing up, unassisted. As we age it grows more difficult and we tend to do it less often which only makes it harder. Use it or lose it!

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