A silly idea?

Une idée saugrenue

A silly idea

English version below  the pictures


Quelle idée saugrenue m ‘ a pris ces derniers temps de marcher dans ma rue à la périphérie de la ville pour voir quand et comment quelqu ‘ un me dirait bonjour ? Succès mitigé !

Je revois encore cette mère de famille entourée de sa nichée traverser le passage protégé du rond – point de la Libération à Amiens ptès de chez moi. Elle avait d ‘ autres chats à fouetter que de saluer le quidam qui la croisait , lequel aurait mieux fait de l ‘ aider à traverser.

Mais voici une jeune personne sur le trottoir . Pas de chance , elle parlait à son portable ! Bof ! Arrive une dame tenant son chien en laisse . Trop préoccupée à parler à son chien , elle ne m ‘ a même pas vu ! Ah ! si j ‘ avais été un chien ou même un chat …. ! Quand quelqu ‘un vous croise , le schéma classique tend à devenir le suivant : un regard furtif pour vous localiser , puis le regard devient oblique en direction de la chaussée ce qui vous permet d ‘ admirer le blanc des yeux et finalement le regard s ‘ oriente droit devant soi . Et on passe sans dire un mot .

Le plus souvent , je ne fais pas mieux . En effet il n ‘ est pas si évident de dire bonjour aux gens que l ‘on croise quand on ne les connaît pas . Combien de fois me suis – je surpris , marchant dans les nuages opaques d ‘ une pensée confuse , à oublier de regarder celui ou celle que je croisais , d ‘ esquisser un sourire et de lancer un bonjour ?

Et pourtant cela est toujours possible . . Je me souviens de ce jeune gamin qui m ‘ a dit bonjour spontanément il y a peu de temps . Et de ce jeune qui attendait patiemment sur son vélo derrière un poteau électrique pour me laisser le passage et qui me dit très gentiment bonjour . Et de cet homme d ‘ âge mûr qui me dit bonjour en passant . Chaque fois je fus surpris et répondis avec un très léger temps de latence . Mais je dois dire que cela me réchauffa le cœur .

Oui , dire bonjour peut être un sourire de la vie et apporter un peu de joie à celui qui le dit et celui qui l ‘ entend . C ‘ est bientôt Noël . Et si dans ces rues pas trop peuplées de notre quartier on se disait bonjour ? Voilà un cadeau gratuit qu ‘on peut multiplier à l ‘infini et dont est sûr qu ‘il fera plaisir .Une idée saugrenue ?



bo,jour 2003 2

bo,jour 2003 3

What a silly idea I had these last times to walk in my street at the outskirts f the town to see when and how someone would tell me hello ! Half success !

I see again this mother with her brood of children on the pedestrian crossing at the roundabout near my house . She had other fish to fry that to say hello to a man who would have been doing better to help her to cross ! But here is a young girl on the sidewalk . No luck ! She talked to her mobile phone . Bof ! Then a lady arrives keeping her dog on the leash . Too much busy to talk to him she did not even see me . Ah ! If I had been a dog and even a cat ! When someone meet you on the sidewalk the process often is the following : a quick glance locates you , then the person looks away to the street so that you can admire the white of the eyes and finally the look becomes straight . And we meet each other without a word

However it ‘ s always possible . I remember this young boy who spontaneously told me hello sometimes ago . And also this young on his bicycle waiting on the sidewalk behind a electrical pole for letting me the path .He told me hello kindly . And again this mature man that told me hello too . Every time I was surprised and answered with some latency . But I have to say it was really heartwarming .

 Bonjour! ( silly idea)
 To say hello may be a smile of life and brings joy to the one who says it and to the one who hears it . Christmas is announced . Why not to say hello in our not too much crowded streets of our quarter ? This would be a free gift that can be multiplied endless and of wich we are sure it will be welcomed .A silly idea ?


Up date of November 25th .

 A special thought for my American friends
for Thanksgiving tomorrow



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48 Responses to A silly idea?

  1. blb1 says:

    I do not think the idea silly at all. I just know in my area of the city a smile greeting will have to do when passing on a sidewalk. If they even look at you.

  2. Tree says:

    In small towns sometimes people say hello. Sometimes when I am out raking leaves my neighbors will walk by and say hello as they pass. They are on their way to temple. If it is Friday or Saturday they say “good Shabbos” sometimes. Sometimes we just nod and smile.

    In the city I try very hard to avoid eye contact on the street or in the subway. New York City has a culture where you don’t look at people too long; it is considered dangerous because the other person might be offended or insulted and attack you.

    • You are right .I know it is really hard to be able to say hello to the crowd of people in a big city . i believe there are only ants or bees to say hello with their antenna into their crowded colony

  3. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I love your idea, Michel. It is a wonderful thing to do—being friendly. I try to smile at people in my old age. It is about 50/50 as to positive responses.



    • Barbara Lenhard says:

      Frank, have noticed that people in Hawaii seem to say hello or at least smile at you when you are walking around?

  4. nannyfountain says:

    It is amazing what a smile and hello can do! Spreading the Light and Love. ❤

  5. cocosangel says:

    Yes, sometimes, most people would not look and say hello! Most of the time, the young are glued to their cell phones, to know who is even passing by.

  6. Not silly at all, Michel! I love what you said here! 🙂 This made me smile, then laugh! I have never met a stranger…I LOVE talking to everyone I see…I always smile and say “hello” and more if they seem receptive! 🙂
    But, I’ve found in large cities people always have their heads down…looking at their phones or listening to their music with ear buds in their ears. I still try to catch their eye and at least smile at them! 🙂
    “Hell0”- 🙂 -HUGS!!! 🙂

  7. PS…love your drawings! Especially The Hat having more adventures! 🙂

  8. ruthdetwiler says:

    This is a wonderful idea and to give the gift of a smile and a hello may sound like such a small thing but actually, it is a gift of the heart and that is the best thing of all.

  9. Yvonne says:

    I live in a small town, and everyone smiles and says “Hello”. I wouldn’t like to live in a city.

    • You are right Yvonne . I have been raised in a small town where people said easily hello but here in Amiens people are like I say in my post . In the large streets people do not know each others easily , beside the streets are filled of cars ! I noticed when I have to walk around I have to start myself a conversation even with someone unknown and in this case the dialogue happens . We have not to be desperate ! 🙂

  10. L. Gail says:

    Not a silly idea…a very good idea. Bonjour Michel. Keep drawing. 🙂

  11. guestbrief says:

    I love your cartoons! You are a friendly person, which the world needs more of… I’m glad someone said hi to you in return! ❤ Rhonda

  12. mlbncsga says:

    Not the least bit Silly Mornin Glorie, I try to smile and say hello or good morning/evening to anyone I happen to cross paths with. Sometimes I get confused and say Good Morning in the evening, that makes people smile back most of the time. I’m on vacation until next Monday so I wanted to tell you Happy Thanksgiving in advance….I’m very very thankful for your friendship! ilym

  13. Nena says:

    I have always been one to smile and say “hello” to those I pass by. I understand not everyone is the same and they try to avoid you before they come close to you, but I think it is just plain rude when they look you in the eye and you say “hello” and they stare as if you are from another planet. Thank you for reminding us how heartwarming a simple hello can really be:)

  14. marica0701 says:

    I always say Hello with a smile when I pass someone on a sidewalk or sometimes when at the mailbox along my street.

    I remember one day, during high school, someone passed me in the hallway between classes. I guess I had a glum look on my face because the person stopped me and asked me what was wrong. I had never met the person before and I never saw them again, so it was a strange moment. I guess I need to watch what my face expresses haha.

    Have a nice week!

  15. Not silly at all. I almost always say hello to people I meet. If I catch their eye and they don’t look away immediately, I smile and say hello. 🙂

  16. Sartenada says:

    Great idea. I love it. In Finland in towns, people do not say hallo to others. There are few exceptions-“old”, I mean senior citizens.

    On small countryside, people say hello. When walking or on having sport on outdoors, hello saying is more usual. When hiking far beyond the Arctic Circle on fell, everybody say hello to others. Well, that’s life nowadays!

  17. Barbara Lenhard says:

    I would say hi to you Michel if I saw you while I was taking a walk.

  18. I live in a small town (about 2000 people), so I say hello to everyone and everyone says hello to me. In big cities in the United States, people are usually advised not to speak or make eye contact with strangers because it can be dangerous. People who want to rob or injure people often try to engage them in conversation in order to get close to them. It’s a sad world when people are afraid to be friendly.

    I know that it is not Thanksgiving in France, but Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family. I am thankful for the opportunity to know you on the internet!

    Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday. In fact, it’s the favorite holiday of many people. People gather with family and friends to share a meal and spend time being thankful for all the good things in life. We don’t give gifts, so it’s much less commercial than other holidays. Setting aside time to be thankful and acknowledge our many blessings is really something we should do every day.

    • Yes Nancy the familiy gathering of Thanksgiving is up lifting .
      Here in France this is Christmas that gathers the families but too much gifts or money
      spoil the true Christmas spirit.
      Happy thanksgiving

  19. Tribo, OCarm says:

    yes, i remember the time when people used to greet each other in the streets even if they don’t know each other… we usually say “bi-e” for good evening or “buntag” for good morning… but now I rarely hear that… people just go their way and don’t mind the people they meet… are we too individualistic already? are we losing the sense of community?

  20. I think that it is a great idea. I’m not always great at being spontaneous enough to say hello in passing, but, quite a few times, if another person catches my eye when walking or doing something, then, yes, I will say hello.

    Thank you for the wishes and an early happy holidays 🙂

  21. julie essex says:

    I think that is an advantage of living in the same town all your life as when you walk down the street you will always see someone that you know so say hello to them.I think I would find it hard living somewhere that I did not know people.Although you are right its a lovely gesture to say either hello or smile at a passer by

  22. “God speaking to Terri Anne by the Holy Spirit. Let everyone give thanks everyday. If you cannot speak to a stranger, then smile. People feel fear and do not speak. AMEN.. ” “Dieu qui parle à Terri Anne par le Saint-Esprit. Que chacun donne grâce tous les jours. Si vous ne pouvez pas parler à un inconnu, give a sourire. Les gens se sentent la peur et ne parlent pas. AMEN ..”

  23. AM says:

    Bonjour Michel 🙂

  24. AM says:

    Ton post me fait penser à des amis qui dans leur quartier en décembre font une “opération fenêtres ouvertes”, c’est à dire portes ouvertes. Du coup, après quelques années, ils connaissent tout le monde et les salutations suivent naturellement.

  25. Gill McGrath says:

    I hope everyone is saying hello to you now when you walk along the road ! A smile and a nod is so easy and it does create happiness…. and doesn’t cost a thing! You would think it was the easiest thing to do in the world! It would be even lovelier if everyone skipped danced and sang along the road too, but a nice smile once in a while would be enough! xxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Gill McGrath says:

    Hi Michel~ I hope everyone is saying hello to you now when you walk along the road ! A smile and a nod is so easy and it does create happiness…. and doesn’t cost a thing! You would think it was the easiest thing to do in the world! It would be even lovelier if everyone skipped danced and sang along the road too, but a nice smile once in a while would be enough! xxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Marion says:

    I have noticed when I go out very early, or very late with my dogs, people do say “hello”. It seems like a “secret group” of people that recognise others who exercise at extreme times of the day. You are right – to smile and say “hello/bonjour” to those that we happen to walk past out and about! 🙂

    Love your drawings, Michel! ❤

  28. mimiwi2013 says:

    We live in the small (about 11,000) city where Ken was born. I am a “newcomer” since I have only lived here for 48 yrs. Most people have lived here for all their lives. We always encounter people who knew Ken, his parents, or one of his 9 siblings, from years ago. Many people Ken’s age, worked picking beans during their teenage years on the family farm in late summer. The farm was on the edge of town. Now it is in the city and the farm land has been sold as building lots over the years since the early 1960’s. Now we live among houses for many blocks around us. The only ones that may ignore Ken while riding his bike or walking, are the young people. They will usually say “hi” back, if one says something to them first. Even in this small town, children have been taught about talking to strangers. I cannot imagine living in an apartment in a large city, where you do not even know your neighbors. We love the friendliness of a small town. You go into a store, and everyone is friendly. In a small town, they have to be friendly if they want to have any business!! Since Ken’s sight has deteriorated a bit, he has some problem finding things at the grocery stores here in town, and has to ask many times where to find things. He says everyone is ALWAYS so helpful and willing to help with a smile. I love your drawings here, and remember those you put up on Xanga over the years—-some which you drew when you were young. They are delightful to look at and filled with your humor! ❤ Nancy

    • Live in the Ken’s birthplace is heartwarming and Your beautiful description above is eloquent, , Nancy .
      This is also helpful .
      But nowadays most of people cannot stay at their birthplace and have to move a dew times during their lifetime . It is harder to have connection but we always have to try.

  29. Did you do the illustrations? 🙂
    I try to be friendly and not expect any return. My mother and good friend Jane are very good at saying “Hello” to passerbys and receiving greetings in return! I do believe this preference is culturally biased. We’ve had a couple of Russian families move into my neighborhood and most of us old timers thought they were so unfriendly. After doing some research however, I found that some Russians say they do not smile at strangers the way we do and think our preference is strange.

  30. judeledawieh says:

    I don’t believe it is a silly idea at all. We all understand smiles differently but we may agree that smiling is a spontaneous matter; could lead to many great things or simply give self satisfactory of one’s inner peace reflecting it on others or smiling to others.
    Your post is lovely and absolutely not a silly idea.

  31. Peggy says:

    I like to say hello as I wall in our town. But I think some children today are taught not to speak to strangers. I am sorry I have not commented on your blog sooner, but with the holiday preparations, I have just been too, too busy to be on the computer very much. And now it is time to prepare for the Christmas holiday. Have a blessed December.

  32. Peggy says:

    as I walk, not wall!!

  33. blb1 says:

    Just a note, I wrote yesterday. http://mizbee.net/Patchwork/Nov/29Nov_2015.htm I miss all the people that used to drop in. Let me know if you are getting my notifies please?

  34. L. Marie says:

    Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes, Michel. I don’t think your idea is silly. The world would be a better place if we all smiled and said hello to one another. Sometimes I smile at people and nod hello. 🙂

  35. jstnotherday says:

    Bonjour Michel, I am sorry that you have felt neglected by me. I have been visiting. 🙂 The last time I visited this page it would not load so that I could read it. I never know if it is because of the WordPress changes, or if it is my computer, or perhaps the translation across the seas? Today it is better. I am able to read and see your drawings. 🙂
    I especially like the drawing of the young man on the bicycle.
    It is so true, people do not like to say Bonjour, I think for fear of being stopped and held in a conversation. People are so busy, so consumed with their own lives, their own concerns, that they do not even realize how lonely they make themselves.
    I do love saying Hello to people when I cross their paths. 🙂 I like it even more when I am in the stores and someone asks for my help. 🙂 We need to slow down our lives and take time to enjoy one another… the old, ‘stop and smell the roses’ admonition. If we do not take time for one another, for the beauty that God created, then what do we live for, eh?
    Thank you for the holiday wishes, and for caring enough to let me know that I am missed. 🙂 ❤

  36. cuteandcurls says:

    If i ever see you and your Janine I would definitely say Bonjour and smile 🙂 but i definitely do not think your idea is silly at all. I find it heartwarming and it makes a person feel a whole lot better..a grouchy or grumpy person turn warm and happy. If I happen to see someone who looked glum, id smile and nod, if it was someone who just kept staring for no reason, I’d just smile and nod 😀 a smile is infectious and a simple hello is just sweet to receive 🙂 I have finally updated my blog ..

  37. In my neighborhood people say hello or wave to each other, but in the city it is unusual. Here in Colombia it is also more common in rural areas and small towns than in the city. It is too bad that people don’t pay more attention to each other, but it is special when they do.

  38. Larry says:

    This is so true to life – – I suppose some people are more bold in greeting strangers than others. But a nice greeting always makes the day better! Love your sketches too, Michel! Cheers!

  39. Ellen Chambers says:

    That was not a silly experiment. You learned something about people. I like to wave at people that I meet as I am driving… I drive more than I walk.- More people wave back than those that don’t. If someone does say ‘ Hello’ to me when I am shopping, I will say ‘Hello’ back, I would hesitate to join in a conversation with them, mostly because I am limited on time. Lovingly, Ellen

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