Departed Xangafriends


Departed Xangafriends
défunts de Xanga

At All Saints Day ( November first),  we celebrate in France all of the saints  and we consider our  dear departed as saints . Many people and among them Janine and I are going on the familial  graves .They bring flowers. Two days have been necessary just before All saints day.

The dear departed Xangans were like family members  and I celebrate their sanctity whatever their beliefs. Here are those who are carved in my memory. If  I missed some, please tell me with the name  and date

Sur la tombe de mes parents (Octobre 27, 2015). Au premier plan, les fleurs pourpres  ont été apportées par notre aînée Carole. Mon cousin René apporte aussi des fleurs. Photo Janine Fauquet
On my parents’ grave (October 27, 2015). At the foreground the purple flowers have been brought by our oldest daughter Carole . My cousin René brings also flowers . Photo Janine Fauquet

   A la Toussaint (1er Novembre,  nous célébrons   en France  tous les Saints et nous considérons l’ensemble de nos  chers disparus  comme des saints. Beaucoup de gens  dont Janine et moi vont sur les tombes familiales qu’on fleurit .. Deux journées nous ont été nécessaires juste avant la Toussaint.

Les chers  Xangans défunts  étaient comme  des membres de la famille et je  célèbre Leur sainteté  quelles que soient leurs  croyances. Voici ceux qui sont gravés  dans ma mémoire.

Barb 2003

Wickgal   décembre 2003

Carot-red  2005

lordpineapple (Terry), aka more than – just crabe 2005

 lkhend, 2005

Camping diva   2007

tooty  2,007

Riddiger   2008


LolaMC, she is gone after 2007, see her daughter Alice’site :

le petit Julian, leayellowrose fils de) 2008

Bruce (Nanny’s husband), 2009 

jstickmann    Décembre 2009

Dylan, Wissh  ‘ s son  2010

 Scott , BLB ‘son 2010   

Mountaingirl   2,010

sunnyron 2,010

MommaRose  2,011 

BuffysMom 2011 (before, she was named: coalminersdaughter)  

Bob, SewWorth’s husband (Ellen Chambers on fb)            Dec 24 ,2011

  Mike, mamselle’s husband 2013  

Banyuls 2014 Cliquez sur yulberto  (his new name on WordPress)

Marie Burke 3 Novembre 2014

Judy Rhode William ( Symbolreader)    24 Décembre 2014

Portia (Marj Busby) 8 Janvier 2 015

John Childress (inciteful) Février ici à 2015

Tom ( Gracia McDairmant’s husband) 27 février 2015

SisterMae             September  2015

No news from papaoma since June 2010 and from jassmine since March 2011 and they were seriously ill ? Who has news from them?


Pie Jesu, excerpt of the  Requiem en C minor by Luigi Cherubini (1815).
This musical piece has been sung  en 1997  by a small  parish choir which I directed from 1994 to 2006. At this time I recorded it  during the Mass of All Saints’Day with a audiotape  then I put it on You Tube.

Latin words: “Pie jésus Domine, dona eis requiem sempiternam”
translation in English : Merciful Lord Jésus, grant them eternal rest

Pie Jesu extrait de la Messe de Requiem en do mineur par Luigi Cherubini (1815)
cette pièce musicale a été chantée en 1997 pendant la messe de la Toussaint par le petit choeur paroissial que j’ai dirigé de 1994 à 2006. A l ‘époque cela avait été enregistré sur cassette puis je l ‘ai mis recemment. sur You Tube.

Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem sempiternam
Miséricordieux Seigneur Jésus donne le repos éternel

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59 Responses to Departed Xangafriends

  1. mrswrangler says:

    Sorry you lost some of your frienfs. Sister Mae is the only one I have lost. Have a great week.

  2. blb1 says:

    I don’t know how you manage to remember every one. Thank you for remembering our son.

  3. cheezlouise says:

    Thank you for reminding us of many old friends who have passed on. You will remember my mother, Sojourner here, from Xanga. She is now failing in health, and unable to keep up with blogs and emailing. We have moved her nearer to us, and help to keep her comfortable. She asked me to let you know that she still thinks of her good friend, Michel–who is my good friend, too! Nous t’embrasse, cher ami!

    • I am sorry , Michelle , to know your mother Bev is so weak . I guessed this was going to happen .
      I am glad to know she is nearer to you and , please , tell her I always think of her .

    • mimiwi2013 says:

      So sorry to hear about Bev. She was a good Xanga friend!! I figured since we hadn’t heard from her for quite a while on Facebook, that she wasn’t well. Give her my love, tell her she is in my prayers! Mimiwi/Nancy

  4. Humor_Me_Now says:

    My heart was touced again. Life seems so short at age 82. I have friends here I cherish. Sister Mae and I went back almost 20 years in an internet church ministry.
    Bless you Michel for doint this and remembering the departed Saints.



  5. weggieboy says:

    Touching…. The “Pie Jesu” extract from Cherubini’s Requiem in C minor certainly is appropriate and beautiful in remembrance of your departed friends and family on this day.

  6. Lately, I have felt there are so many friends departing. I suppose I am not alone in this thought. I am honored you shared your All Saint’s Day with us. I feel rather ignorant that I did not know what All Saint’s Day is and would love to learn even more about it, as it is not a custom I am familiar with as an American. Also, I did not know you were on xanga. I used to be on xanga too. I hope your Autumn is full of cozy joys and many a smile!

    • What is strange with the blogging is it leads us to real and deep friendship although we never saw those friends according the mind. How many of those departed have blogged almost until the end and some of of them had a total confidence in me . I was in the mourning after they went away.. At this time Xanga was a true world and I hope I would find something similar here in WordPress.. My name on xanga was fauquet ,my blog still exists

      • Cheri Herald says:

        My Xanga blog also still exists, but all the old friends there have moved on. I’m so glad you are still blogging here.

  7. nannyfountain says:

    Thank you for the list of those who are on the other side. I remember some so very well. I believe we never really die as our soul/energy just moves to another place. ❤ Love to all

  8. Kathy says:

    I miss Sunny Ron. His daughter posted on his site when he passed on.

  9. Nena says:

    What a beautiful tribute! So lovely for you to have remembered all those wonderful souls. Many blessings to you and yours:)

  10. g. says:

    Thank you for making this list and for reminding us of the importance of all those who touch our lives, seen or unseen.
    You have a good heart, Michel. It’s no wonder you made so many fast friends on xanga. I’m sure you will find as many here.

  11. Thank you, Michel, for this remembrance and tribute to so many precious souls. I knew several of these and miss them so much. 😦
    I have not had the opportunity to visit my parents graves in a long time. They are too far away. 😦 So thank you for sharing your visit to yours.
    PS…the music is perfect!

  12. cocosangel says:

    Except for 1 person, Sistermae, I don’t know any of the other’s in the list. Or I don’t know if I don’t know with the titles given. But it is nice of you to keep a record of all those who died.
    I have not seen my parents graves for a long time. They are far away, and right now, I don’t have the finances to go.
    As a Catholic, we believe the Nov. 1 is the All Saints day. So you too might be a Catholic, right?

  13. jstnotherday says:

    What a wonderful beautiful tradition you maintain. I don’t think anyone visits graves with flowers here anymore. It is sad. I can remember it was special to visit my grandfather’s grave, with my parents, when I was a child. I think it would be nice to know that someone would visit my grave one day.
    I can’t get over how many Xangan’s you have known that have now passed on. Thanks for sharing, and how wonderful of you to honor them with your remembrance.

  14. attatudy says:

    Oh my goodness Michel! I remember those xanga members. You have always been such a dedicated friend. You, mamselle, Von and Oceanpacific are the only ones I keep in touch with since xanga days and I am thankful you put those who have left us here to remember.

  15. Cath Singapore Girl says:

    I remember Wickgal and Marie Burke. Marie’s daughter was also on Xanga, wasn’t she?

  16. Christine says:

    Thank you, Michel, for including Dylan. 💜
    We didn’t share all the same friends, but I did know some of them. The one I didn’t know had passed on was Portia. May she rest in peace.

  17. AM says:

    Merci de ce post de la Toussaint. Nous rappelant le temps qui passe et les amis d’autrefois …
    J’aime les mots de Nanny et pense que nous nous connaissons au plan spirituel depuis tout temps …
    Amitiés, AM

  18. Rachel Geselman-Mocherman says:

    All Saint’s Day is like our Memorial Day in May. It is good to take time to reflect on those that have gone on before us.
    This week, the weather has changed again and we are experiencing a second “Indian Summer.” It is very beautiful outside. I have been raking again and enjoying the freedom of a fall day!
    My best to you, my friend! 🍁🎃🌻

  19. Ellen Chambers says:

    This is a beautiful thing you have done in remembering so many Xanga departed friends. There was a Xanga friend ‘ Ata Grandma’ who’s husband also passed, (she lives in Indiana) I read that on one of your posts. I don’t know her name, but I would like to find her. If you are still in contact with her would you tell her? My husband ‘Bob’ also passed on Dec.24, 2011 . My Xanga name was SewWorthit.. After he passed , I didn’t blog much in the grief. You were very kind and commented that ‘Bob was among us’. Thank you, Michel.

    • Thanks Ellen , . I had just remembered Ata Grandma’s husband and added him to the list . I found the posts on Xanga where she speaks of the death and, funeral
      .His ,her name is McDairmant.
      For Bob , I confess I forgot the date . I will add him .to this xanga memorial .
      I remember well you both . and you have kept the same profile picture on Facebook.

  20. Lyne's View says:

    jstickman and Sister Mae were friends on Xanga. I just loved jstickman’s art. We played with words and thoughts via Xanga. (pats heart, and points to what’s beyond what we know)

  21. margiie says:

    Legible Trout…. Did you know him?

    Ah… Wickgal… she was so full of laughter…i miss her…
    and Knight …
    We do grow close via the mind to fingertip connection.. there is an unfiltered truth ..for some in Blogging….

    Thank you Michel be well 🙂

  22. mimiwi2013 says:

    So many names I remember. All with fond memories. I know that at our age, it is certain to happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier! Thank you for this reminder. I remember when Lord Pineapple died. It was especially sad, since preparations were being made for his dream trip to the U.S.A. at the time. He was the first one of my Xanga friends that I lost. And a reminder that we all are mortal, and to appreciate and enjoy what time we have left that God grants us! ❤ Nancy

  23. Peggy/Fwren says:

    ahhh, sweet memories ~ 😥

  24. julie essex says:

    Lovely memories of all those friends that we made on Xanga and then lost. You did make us all smile at the end though Michel

  25. Zakiah says:

    You are such a perfect gentleman Michel. Only a gentle soul like you would remember all the names and pay a tribute like this. I am so honored to know you.
    Zakiah. ❤

  26. Cheri Herald says:

    More Xangans are gone than I knew about. Life includes loss. I am so glad you are still with us, friend Michel. God bless.

  27. Alice Woodrome says:

    How dear of you. I didn’t know about some of them who are gone. Thank you for doing this

  28. What a lovely tribute, MIchel. Mae is the only one I knew but I miss her already. It shows your character that you remember each name. HUGS

  29. Tribo, OCarm says:

    Xanga was family…. thank you for reminding us

  30. philpalm says:

    PPhilip here and yes xanga had a good run and continues somewhat here. I know that nothing is permanent but we try hard to preserve what we have….

  31. atzenicarlo says:

    Thank you for this tribute to the ones who are on the other side. Some of them should be on Simonville cemetery ……but it is all gone now.

  32. ruthdetwiler says:

    I think it is wonderful you celebrate our departed Xanga friends and I was so sad to see John-Inciteful had passed.
    The site I have here is for commenting on friends sites only.

  33. I remember 3 of the names mentioned. Most xangans were a bright spot for me.

  34. mcbery says:

    Like this post Michel You are a kind person!

  35. Gracia McDairmant says:

    Thank you for posting this, and especially for including Tom. I’m going to see if I can contact SeWorthit. While on Xanga we discovered we both lived in the same neighborhood in the early 1960’s. Love, Gracia

  36. puffpop says:

    How precious to remember these people. There was one whose passing really was shocking and she is another that I miss terribly. Her first (regular) name was Judy. Nancy Stuebs will know of whom I speak. I’m sorry I forgot her Xanga name. I became so very close to Coal Miner’s Daughter (Buffy’s Mom) I grieved for her like a sister. And others, I’ve often thought of Portia who was so sweet and so supportive. They made such a positive impact on our lives. I feel close to my Xanga friends. Don’t forget YellowRose’s dear little 4 year old who died of cancer. I know you remember her. She was born in France and now lives in TX. She is a facebook friend but I think she now spends her time supporting parents of children suffering with cancer. I remember Chriss as being one of my very first friends on Xanga and the tragedy that happened in her life..Those lives truly mattered…..never to be forgotten and makes a mark on all of us. Thanks so much for this tribute.

  37. mcbery says:

    I just realized I already left a comment here. I shall start checking more often over here on my friends. 🙂

  38. Larry says:

    This is a lovely tribute to our old friends who have passed on, and I send you and your family all the best for this past All Saints Day. One other name I miss is coalminersdaughter (Shirley), who we lost a few years ago.

    Thanks Michel!

  39. L. Marie says:

    What a beautiful way to remember those who have passed away. Thank you for sharing that list.

  40. ruthdetwiler says:

    TY Michel for finding the new blog I was finally able to start and Ty of your caring comments about Ali.

  41. Rosemaryflower says:

    Hello Michel, I love you and Janine. Life has changed so much. We enter into an entirely different realm. So here I am, Still me, but different. I do not skate I sew now, and take care of mom and
    I do miss the “old days” of xanga. It was so fun, and we were happy and silly. We just had a great time being together on the internet.
    Now I am doing other things. — and slower. I am 60 now. My mum and dad are 92!
    Lizzie is 27 and my oldest daughter is 30!
    I am a gramma to Sarah.
    Sometimes the days of xanga feel like it was 30 years ago! ♥️

    I will subscribe to your blog so I get it in my email
    Love always, Rosemary

  42. erkarts says:

    This is a beautiful post Michel. You have such a kind and loving heart.

  43. Marion says:

    I remember several of those Xangans, Michel. ❤

  44. Maggie says:

    Hello my friend–thanks for giving me your new address–I will try to keep up with you here. I miss all our old friends on Xanga also.

  45. Jackie says:

    This was a lovely tribute to friends and loved ones, it shows what a big heart you have.

  46. marica0701 says:

    I only knew Inciteful.

    Lovely post for our departed friends.

  47. cuteandcurls says:

    Marie was one of the 1st xangan i made friends with, she was such a great friend who never once judged me. I love it when she blogs about her trips, about history esp of her experience during the war, her tribute to the female war heroines. Whenever i travel i like how she comments about it. Im so glad to have shared part of my pregnancy journey and motherhood. She was a true friend. I especially enjoyed buying things for her whenever i travel sending postcards to her…now…..i feel….nevertheless i know shes with all of us especially her family in spirit. Another xanga friend that i lost was lobster. May they all rest peacefully.

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