Manon honors us

Manon nous honore

 Manon honors us.

.English version below the picture

Vendredi dernier, 9 octobre Janine et moi étions à une cérémonie où les meilleurs étudiants d’un collège (11 ans à 15 ans) ont été récompensés pour leur réussite à l’examen final; le brevet et aussi pour les félicitations obtenues chaque année depuis la 6ème. Manon, la fille de notre fils Jean-Baptiste a été particulièrement félicitée par le directeur de l’éducation du département de la Somme, qui était venu pour cette circonstance. Elle a obtenu non seulement les félicitations des enseignants pendant quatre ans, mais à l’examen final elle a obtenu un score de 18/20 en français et 19/20 en maths avec la meilleure moyenne pour l’ensemble de l’examen et de tous les candidats. Inutile de dire que nous sommes honorés par le bon comportement et les brillants résultats de notre petite fille Manon. Elle a une route large et longue en perspective .

Appareil photo numérique Samsung

Manon, notre petite-fille, (sur le côté gauche) félicité par le directeur de l’éducation du département de la Somme

Appareil photo numérique Samsung

Manon at the middle (red hair ) among the students holding their diploma )

   Last Friday, October 9 , Janine and I were at a ceremony where the best students of a college (11 years old to 15 years old ) were rewarded for their success at the final exam: the brevet and also for their excellent work for four years . Our son Jean-Baptiste’s daughter, Manon has been especially congratulated by the director of the education of the department Somme who was come for this circumstance. She got not only the felicitations of the teachers during four years but at the final exam she got a score of 18/20 in French and 19/20 in mathematicss with the best average for all the exam and all the candidates . Useless to say we are honored by the good behavior and the brilliant results of our granddaughter Manon. She has a wide and long road in perspective



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38 Responses to Manon honors us

  1. blb1 says:

    Best Wishes to her. Confused, has she graduated High School? Or is this a special program?
    ryc: The pet parrots in our house are not free roaming. That would be dangerous with ceiling fans and opening and closing doors. With Pookie’s broken leg he limps so can’t get around like he used to when he was more free range on top of his cage and file cabinet. While it may seem cruel to cage them they weren’t born in the wild so have never known it.

  2. puffpop says:

    That is awesome! Congratulations to Manon. I do remember you writing about her on Xanga. Beautiful and smart…

  3. Humor_Me_Now says:

    This is so wonderful to read, Michel. She is such a blessing to family, school and friends. She has a wonderful future.



  4. Heartafire says:

    Congratulations to Manon and to the entire family for such a blessing. What a beautiful and obviously intelligent young woman. You must be bursting with pride Michel! Love ❤

  5. mimiwi2013 says:

    Congratulation to Manon! Oh Michel, how proud you all must be of her! Of course she should do well—-she has very intelligent grandparents!! You have been a good influence on her! I just cannot believe this is the same little girl I used to see in the pictures you would post of your grandchildren back in our early Xanga days! I always remember her because of her beautiful name. We are not getting THAT much older, are we?? If we are getting older in age, at least we can be young at heart! I know you are!! Never lose your fine sense of humor, Michel!! ❤ Nancy (Ken, too)

  6. Lyne's View says:

    Wonderful! She is on her way to her best self. Isn’t it a joy to participate and see the fruit of “it takes a village” to raise a child.

  7. cocosangel says:

    You must be very proud of your grand daughter. It is an awesome achievement.
    Congratulations from me.

  8. nannyfountain says:

    congratulations to all ❤

  9. How exciting and special, Michel! 🙂
    Congratulations to beautiful Manon! Best wishes to her…she has a promising future! And congratulations to her parents and grandparents who are a part of why she is such a wonderful girl who is doing so well in her education! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  10. neilc693 says:

    What a nice event. That would be like middle school here in the states. They have a lot to look forward to!

  11. mcbery says:

    What a proud grandpa you must be. 🙂 Love those young people! May God be with them.

  12. AM says:

    Félicitations à votre petite-fille et à toute sa famille !
    Et tout de bon pour la suite de ses études ! Avec de telles moyennes toutes les portes sont ouvertes !
    Amitiés de Suisse, AM

  13. guestbrief says:

    Congratulations to Manon and you all! Wonderful results!

  14. julie essex says:

    Well done to Manon , the whole family must be very proud of her

  15. Congratulations to Manon for her great achievement! She truly does honor your family with her accomplishments! You must be very proud! What would she like to do for a career?

  16. Sara says:

    Felicitations à Manon! Wow, le final est seulment de 20 points? C’est pas beaucoup. Bravo Manon.
    Je me souviens des histoires de Manon il y a beaucoup des années quand elle etait une jeune fille. (excuse mon français s’il vous plaît, il y a un longtemps depuis Je l’ai utilisé.)

  17. iampeacenow says:

    So wonderful she had done so well. I know you ate very proud of her. May she have continued success. peace to you

  18. Gill McGrath says:

    Congratulations to Manon on her wonderful achievement. You have a very beautiful granddaughter Michel . You must be so proud 🙂 🙂 x

  19. cjc22 says:

    Congratulations to Manon!! But even more so to her parents and her wonderful, teaching, understanding grandparents.

  20. What an honor. Congrats to her. She is such a lovely girl too. Smart and beautiful–great combo.

  21. sunsetdragon says:

    Congrats and she is such a beautiful song lady. She will go far in her life with such intelligence, manners and beauty.
    You have reason to be proud Michel.

  22. sunsetdragon says:

    I meant to say she is a beautiful young lady and typed song lady instead.

  23. Marion says:

    Congratulations to Manon on her brilliant results! She’s obviously a very clever girl, and I can see how very proud you, Janine and the rest of the family are of her. ❤

  24. mlbncsga says:

    Congratulations to Manon! I would think she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside, May she continue down the road to success. ilym!

  25. jstnotherday says:

    Wonderful congratulations to Manon! She makes her family proud. 🙂

    I wonder if, Michel, I can come to you for assistance?
    I’m sorry I have no way of posting this privately instead of on your page. You can answer on my page and continue conversation from there?
    What I wonder, if you might help with… I would like to purchase this cross for my granddaughter.
    Can you tell me if this is in French, and how much it costs, and maybe how I might be able to go about purchasing it?
    Thank you for any help you can give.

  26. jstnotherday says:

    Greetings again Michel,
    You can ignore my request. After I wrote to you I clicked on the link to see if it worked, and when I go back to the site I see that it is Canadian french, and Canadian dollars, but that there is also a U.S. dollars button to click. I discover that this cross costs $40 which is rather more than I would spend, especially not knowing any of the details like what the cross is made of, and what size it is, etc. Typically when I find something like this I wait for it to go on sale, but since the purchase would be quite impossible for me to transact, since it is in a different language, I will have to forego. Thanking you anyway. Love, Lynn

  27. blb1 says:

    ryc:’ Kill 2 birds with one stone’ is an old saying meaning you accomplish two things with one effort Michel. Wil didn’t actually kill birds. 🙂 You also asked how I checked my sugar. We each have a meter and strips and a lancing device for our finger. A small amount of blood is taken from a finger onto the strip, the meter reads the amount of sugar. If you search diabetes meter you should find it in your language that explains better.
    I don’t mind eating out but just not to often. We eat together every Sunday and sometimes I meet the ladies on Friday.

  28. L. Marie says:

    Congratulations to Manon!

  29. I hope you and Janine and all of your precious family have a wonderful weekend, Michel!
    It seems Autumn has arrived and is speeding along too quickly! It will be Winter before I know it! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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