Lafayette’s frigate in New York

Lafayette ‘s frigate on independance Day in New York

Partie depuis l’ estuaire de la Charente  le samedi 18 Avril  la réplique de la frégate  Hermione ,  qui emporta la Fayette en Amérique en 1780 pour aider les ” patriots ” américains à gagner leur combat pour l’indépendance.
La frégate est d’ abord arrivée à Yorktown, lieu de la victoire décisive,  en Juin et puis  à New York , 235 ans plus tard , le 4 Juillet, jour de la célébration de l’Indépendance.
Cette frégate française toute neuve a demandé 17 ans pour être construite . Elle rappelle que la France et les USA n’ ont jamais été en guerre mais toujours alliés.

  On Saturday  April 18 ( 10h30 pm French hour ) , departure from the river Charente estuary of the replica  of the frigate Hermione   which shipped the Marquis de la Fayette in 1780 to help the american ” patriots” to win their fight for the Independence.
The replica of the frigate arrived in Yorktown ( place of the decisive battle) in June  and  in New York   235 years later, on the fourth of July, Independence Day. This French frigate recalls that France and USA have never been in war  but alliee
I hope you got a happy Fourth of July
hanks to CBS for this video in English

But for my readers who cannot run the video above in their country, here is a French photo coming from the public  French TV  ( the image is sufficient to understand   🙂   :

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26 Responses to Lafayette’s frigate in New York

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    This is very cool and we have the Lady Washington here. It is a replica of the sailing ship from the 1870’s.

  2. cocosangel says:

    I cannot open that video. It is not allowed in my area, it says.
    Wow, so the French was helpful to the US in gaining independance.

  3. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I love France!

  4. nannyfountain says:

    Wonderful and history is so very important!

  5. YAY! It made it! 🙂
    We love and appreciate the French! We thank them helping us win our independence! 🙂
    The video brought tears to my eyes. Joy-tears.
    Oh, I wish I could see it! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this vid, Michel! 🙂
    HUGS!!! and ❤ !!! 🙂

  6. blb1 says:

    Thank You Michel for posting this! I did not see it on TV and if I learned this in school many years ago I forgot it. Probably what I learned was only the surface of the story.

  7. puffpop says:

    We are deeply grateful to our French friends for helping us win the battle for Independence.
    votre amie,

  8. mlbncsga says:

    Thanks Michel and the country of France! ilym

  9. Heartafire says:

    fabulous post! thank you!

  10. We owe a debt of gratitude to France for the gift of the beautiful Statue of Liberty that stands so proudly in New York Harbor!

    • Yes, the statue of Liberty has been constructed in France by The sculptor Bartholdy and Gustave Eiffel . It was a gift from the French people to the USA . The statue has been dedicated in 1886 a century after the declaration of the American Independence .;. This comment completes the tune of this entry. Thanks.

  11. Thank you! That is beautiful.

  12. Zakiah says:

    A great lesson in history. Thank you for sharing that video with your readers, dear Michel.

  13. Tribo, OCarm says:

    a celebration of unity… 🙂 beautiful…

  14. Larry says:

    Thank you Michel for this interesting piece of information and video. I hope you and the family enjoyed your 4th of July as well! Cheers!!

  15. AM says:

    Magnifique et tout un symbole!
    Amitiés, AM

  16. julie essex says:

    I enjoyed watching the Tour riding into Amiens yesterday , just a shame that Mark Cavendish was not able to win the race. So I know your garden got a good old watering yesterday

  17. mcbery says:

    Hi Michel. Thanks for the history lesson. We owe the French for Lady Liberty and more. 🙂

  18. it’s been soooo long since we’ve celebrated the 4th of july! we haven’t lived in the states in ages! happy 4th of july!! 😉

  19. Hey, Michel! I hope you and Janine had a wonderful weekend!
    HUGS!!! and ❤ 🙂

  20. Heartafire says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photo. It is beautifully nostalgic.

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