Adventures in the roses bushes

Aventures dans les rosiers
Adventures in the rose bushes

English version below  the cartoon

J‘ attachais à la clôture  les rosiers de la platebande de  l’ entrée  car ils devenaient trop grands et rayaient les voitures ; Un genou appuyé sur la bordure en béton  j’ embrassais l’ ensemble du rosier pour passer un fil autour . Soudainement je perdis l’ équilibre et plongeais dans la platebande légèrement plus basse que le passage pavé. Impossible de me relever : jambes trop faibles . j ‘ allais faire une sieste dans la platebande  mais n’ écoutant que mon courage je me tournais sur moi-même  et je réussis à me relever en poussant sur mes bras . 9 minutes plus tard j’ étais debout , souffle court  mais avec le plaisir de retrouver mon chapeau perché sur un branche de rosier.
Pas besoin d’aller loin ,l’ aventure est dans votre cour.

2015 rose bush adventures

Yesterday I attached the rose bushes along the driveway at the fence because they became too big and scratched the cars. My knee leaned on the edge in concrete of the narrow flower bed along the driveway and I embraced all of the rosebush to pass a wire around. All of a sudden I lost my balance and plunged in the flower bed slightly lower than the  paved driveway.  Impossible to get up: legs too weak! I was going to take a nap in the flowerbed but courageously I turned on myself and succeeded to stand up in pushing on my arms . Nine  minutes later I was up with a short breath but with the  pleasure to find again my hat perched on a branch.   

No need to go farther,  the adventures are in your yard

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41 Responses to Adventures in the roses bushes

  1. blb1 says:

    I understand this not getting back up business. Happy you succeeded. Great art work. 🙂

  2. Tribo's Cup says:

    wow quite a feat it must have been… i hope you did not get any scratches and all considering how thorny rose bushes could be… great drawing, by the way… 🙂

  3. nannyfountain says:

    Seems like the older I get I am also having closer encounters with things I am trying to fix!

  4. Yes Nancy, it happens now we discover things (such rose bushes ) closer and with another sight. Is not this rejuvenating ? 🙂

  5. Larry says:

    I’m glad you are alright and managed to stand up again on your own, Michel. It would seem that the rose bush was fighting back! Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. weggieboy says:

    Once, after a medical procedure where my blood was run through a centrifuge and filters, I stood up too soon and fast. I collapsed on the floor.

    The nurses and technicians were aghast! “Are you OK!??”

    I told them not to worry, I knew how to fall. (Which I do – you just relax when you realize you are going down, and you usually — usually… — come out OK!)

    They tried to lift me up, but had no luck. I told them if they could get me on my hands and knees, I could use the recliner I’d just got out of to lift myself up.

    After some fussing about, they did get me positioned by the recliner. I started to use my upper body strength to lift myself off the floor, but was still a bit weak.

    “If someone will goose me, I should be able to get up!” I helpfully suggested as a joke to lighten the mood.

    The male nurse got very serious and said, “We don’t do that here, Mr. Thomas.”

    Eventually, I did get up, but, no, no one had to goose me! 🙂

  7. Thanks for this comment. This is exactly what happened to me .

  8. puffpop says:

    The saying is that “Life isn’t always a bed of roses” But I hardly think it pleasant to have a thorny rose bush for a bed. That was unexpected. I am sooo glad you are alright. Please do take care.
    votre amie,

  9. In this case the saying is quite appropriate, Françoise . 🙂

  10. Roses can be treacherous, thorns and all that. 🙂 Take care in the garden.

  11. Ah, you were another rose among the roses! (Better than being a thorn! 😉 😛 )

    See, there goes your wonderful hat on exciting adventures again! 😉 And it landed safely uptop on a branch! Ha! 😛 I love your cartoon drawings! 😀

    I’m glad you were able to get back up, Michel, and were unhurt. Taking a tumble like that can be scary. 😦 You came up smelling like a rose! 😉

    Rosy-HUGS!!! 🙂

  12. Who does not know you,,Carolyn,, does not know what humor is !!! 🙂

  13. Gill McGrath says:

    I love thebrilliant drawings (and the story!) Michel 🙂 🙂

  14. Zakiah says:

    Oh Michel, that would have been a bad fall if you had hit the concrete. I am happy that you didn’t get injured. Please take care. So, were you able to contain the rose bush?

  15. Zakiah says:

    btw, I love the art work. Terrific illustrations.

  16. Peggy says:

    What a hilarious cartoon drawing and story! But, thankful you are okay ~ 🙂

    Re your question on my blog ~ in case you don’t see the answer ~ I believe it is a type of trillium ~

  17. AM says:

    Eh ben, quelle aventure! En tous cas, elle finit bien avec ces jolis dessins. Ouf, … 9 minutes, c’est quand même long à traverser ainsi … Bonne continuation et que le chapeau te porte bonheur longtemps très cher Michel! Amitiés, AM

  18. guestbrief says:

    A bed of roses is NOT recommended! 🙂 So glad you were able to get out. I’m sure your roses will be more well behaved next time. ❤

  19. Marilyn Thysell says:

    Ouch, have been there and done that. Know all about on how hard to get up. I haven’t tried to kneel down since knee surgery. Getting up would not be a pretty sight. LOL Rose bushes tend to show NO mercy on us humans. Glad our OK my friend. love Marilyn

  20. Lauren DeCillis says:

    OUCH! In sketch #4, you are reclining gently in the ROSE bushes, and were laying in their scratchy thorns for NINE minutes??? Sounds like torture, darling! ❤

  21. cocosangel says:

    Oh poor Michel. I hope you are o.k. and no major injury? But we sure can find adventure in our own yard.

  22. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I can surely relate to this, Michel. So glad you were not seriously injured.



  23. I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt. I love roses-(though not my fav flower) -yellow are my favs

  24. mcbery says:

    Oh no! I love, love your drawings of the naughty rose bushes and you!

  25. CLynn says:

    Oh dear, this happened recently! I do hope that your back is well. … and you must have been awfully scratched.
    I love the way your hat remains at the top of the rosebush, while you yourself are tossed to the ground.
    I thought you might appreciate the following(which my daughter had posted on her Facebook page) 😀

  26. CLynn says:

    A ‘bed of roses’ is not all that it’s cracked up to be, eh?

  27. Cath says:

    Think my comment via iPhone was not posted. 😦
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re ok. The cartoon is really cute and I would love to share it with my students!

  28. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh yes not being able to get up very easily, if at all, is something I also understand all to well.
    I am very happy you were able to get up and not have to lay in the flower beds to take a nap.
    Hope you were not left with pain and bumps and bruises.
    Take care Michel.

  29. I love your pictures which do your story such justice!!! Hahah love it! Hope you are ok!!! Much love! Ang

  30. L. Gail says:

    Of course you know I love the art …and the story. Hope not too many scratches!

  31. mlbncsga says:

    I hope the roses were none the worse for the company!

  32. cjc22 says:

    Falling in roses is not exactly a comfortable thing. I do understand about not being able to get up. I am so glad you are okay and were able to do the art work – really good.

  33. Cheri Herald says:

    I always love your drawings. I’m glad you were eventually able to get out of there. Take care of yourself.

  34. I am happy that you were not badly hurt!

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