By mountains and the plains

Par les monts et par les plaines

English version below the pictures
Il y avait longtemps que je ne vous avais pas parlé de la duchesse Carole ( ma fille aînée ) et de son chevalier  servant

La façon de se relaxer de la duchesse est de parcourir de longues distances à cheval  . 30 à 40 km  franchis à vive allure ne lui font pas peur ni à elle ni à son cheval arabe. Je me demande comment elle peut faire . mais elle le fait .  Galoper dans les sentiers à travers  les bois et les champs dans les plaines et sur les collines est le plaisir de tous les deux : le cheval et la duchesse .

course aubin Kenza et Carole (1)course aubin Kenza et Carole (3)

It was long since I had not talked about the duchess Carole (my older daughter) and her knight
 The mean to relax of the Duchess is to ride long distances on horseback. 30 to 40 kms high speed don’t frighten neither her nor her Arabian horse. I wonder how she can do. but she does it..  galloping on the paths in the woods and the fields in the plains or hills is the pleasure of both them, horse and duchess.

Le chevalier servant de la duchesse appelé Thierry  goûte des plaisirs plus calmes. N’ est – il pas un divin plaisir de méditer le long de ce petit chemin sur les contrastes  entre ciel bleu et nuage blancs, entre le bleu du champ de lin et la blancheur du cheval . Seul dans le nature  n’ ayant pour compagnons que son cheval et ses deux golden retrievers , Thierry se laisse bercer par le chant de la terre au rythme des sabots du cheval.

La duchesse Carole et Thierry goûtent à des plaisirs très rares en notre monde frénétique. Peut – être goûterez-vous ce plaisir  en lisant ce court billet.

promenade en caléche rasteau avec fleurs (11)promenade en caléche rasteau avec fleurs (12)

The knight of the Duchess called Thierry tastes quieter pleasures.  Is not it a divine pleasure to meditate in the carriage riding peacefully   along the small paths about the contrasts between blue sky and white cloud, between the blue flax field and the white horse. Alone in the nature only with his horse and his two golden retrievers, Thierry is lulled by the song of the earth to the rhythm of the horse’s hooves.

    Carole and Thierry taste at rare pleasures in our busy world. May – be you will taste this pleasure in reading this short note.

5.0M DigitalCAM

the knight and the dog look at you 🙂

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31 Responses to By mountains and the plains

  1. Michel, you have made me so happy this morning with these beautiful pictures! Your daughter’s Arab is gorgeous and very cute with those perfectly small ears that Arabs have and the gorgeous face of the Arabian breed… my favorite color for an Arab, too! Nice dappled gray! Your daughter’s smiling, lovely face says it all about how much she loves riding and her horse!
    I have ridden in a carriage but never had the privilege of driving a horse or a hitch. Beautiful picture of carriage and horse with the blue sky and blue wildflowers! Gorgeous post, Michel… GORGEOUS! I have a friend I follow on Instagram and her husband works with the West Coast Hitch for the Budweiser Clydesdales… her Instagram is a treat!

  2. blb1 says:

    Beautiful pictures! Who took them? 🙂

    ryc: I found the proper name for the shrub with all the purple flowers. Vitex. Tomorrow the tree man will come and tell me how much to trim it and mimosa tree.

  3. cocosangel says:

    Your daughter is very pretty. I loved the photos, and the backgrounds. They are lovely, Michel.

  4. Sometimes life takes us for a fast exciting ride and other times a slow leisurely ride!
    Beautiful photos!
    Beautiful horses and dogs!
    Beautiful Duchess and Duke!
    They are bless to be able to enjoy nature in such a wonderful way!
    HUGS and ❤ , Michel, to you and your precious family!!! 🙂

  5. CLynn says:

    Beautiful stride on that horse… second photo… I thought right away it was an Arabian. 🙂
    Indeed, the second photo of Thierry looks idyllic… and I love how poetically you wrote about him.
    Golden Retrievers are among my most favorite of dogs…. one stole my heart once. 🙂

    In other thoughts….
    I have this song stuck in my head, because of your name… Are you familiar with the song done by The Beatles….
    ~ Michelle, ma belle
    Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
    Tres bien ensemble ~
    I know yours is male, but is this how you pronounce it? It’s how I hear it in my head, and I love it. 🙂

  6. I like this Carolyn: “Sometimes life takes us for a fast exciting ride and other times a slow leisurely ride!”

  7. joyce says:

    another beautiful post, michel! love your stories and your photos that transport me to a world far away from my own, and yet with similarities in life.

  8. Cheri Herald says:

    I always enjoy your posts. This is no exception!

  9. Very lovely photos! I used to enjoy riding horses but I have not been on a horse for many years. Your daughter must be an excellent rider!

  10. Marilyn Thysell says:

    Michel, what lovely relaxing photos of the Duchess and her knight. Usually the simple things are the most beautiful things in life. I like life at a slower pace. Carol looks so relaxed on her horse. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  11. julie essex says:

    A lovely couple they make. So lucky to enjoy time with their horses in the countryside

  12. L. Gail says:

    I love the photos and stories.

  13. What a lovely post. Love the pics. I love horses and hope to own one of my own one day. We’ll see. I’d enjoy both the horse ride and the carriage ride. Thanks for sharing.
    love, Elizabeth

  14. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh what a wonderful way to relax and your daughter looks so wonderful sitting on her beautiful horse out relaxing. Her knight riding in his horse drawn wagon long with those two wonderful dogs, looks like the world is a paradise just waiting for him to ride through.
    Love these photos Michel. You have such a wonderful family.

  15. Peggy says:

    how very beautiful!! Love the flax fields ~

  16. puffpop says:

    This is so very lovely and relaxing. Beautiful photos. It is like a poem. The Arabian horse is a creature of great beauty carrying a lovely young lady. Thank you for sharing this poetic entry.
    votre amie,

  17. mimiwi2013 says:

    Two very contrasting ways of enjoying a horse ride. The excitement of the fast ride on the beautiful Arabian, which the Duchess does. And the contentment of her Knight on a slow leisurely ride in the wagon with his Goldens. Both very satisfying. I think that at my age, I would be happiest riding in the wagon with Thierry!

  18. Good analysis Nancy . Me too I would prefer the waggon 🙂

  19. Zakiah says:

    Perfect for a meditative ride and the feeling of belonging to the earth and her beauties. Absolutely stunning pictures, Michel. Love Thierry’s carriage and I love those regal horses! Very majestic. We had some in my childhood. Gone now. Love,

  20. marica0701 says:

    My paternal grandmother, while we were all in Australia, had a farm. She had sheep, but she had hopes of getting horses when my sister and I were older so that we could learn to ride and care for them. But we left in 1994 when I was 5 and my sister 3, so there was no “point” for her to get horses. Now she’s back in Serbia.

    It would have been lovely to learn to care and ride horses 🙂

  21. cjjustice1 says:

    Both of those horses are so beautiful!! Your daughter the Duchess looks regal riding her Arabian! These pictures tell a story of how couples are quite often opposites attract each other! Retrievers are beautiful also. . . my favorite dogs – golden, black, chocolate, …. so pretty, and nice!
    Thank you for following me here on WPress. 🙂

  22. Jackie says:

    Beautiful photos of such differing ways of relaxing, yet both include animals and nature. Wonderful!

  23. Tribo's Cup says:

    beautiful countryside can be very relaxing…

  24. AM says:

    La Duchesse est élégante et son chevalier servant un Seigneur. Merci de ces belles images reflétant le meilleur de la campagne! Amitiés, AM

  25. Merci,Anne-Marie . Oui j’ai trouvé que ces images apportaient quelque chose d ‘ apaisant et de poétique.

  26. mlbncsga says:

    Tout le plaisir est pour moi – ilym

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