The stunted pear tree. Le poirier chétif

Le poirier chétif de mon jardin.
The stunted pear tree in my garden

English version below the pictures

Le poirier chétif de mon jardin. Plusieurs fois sur Xanga j’e parlé d’un poirier chétif,, survivant dans mon potager, plus moins couverts par un grand cerisier. Il a été planté en 1986 et pendant de nombreuses années, il n’a pas donné de fruits. mais je pensais à Luc 13,6-9 et le laissais vivre sa petite vie. En 2007, 21 ans plus tard on récolta enfin quelques poires

poirier rachirique 2007
In 2007 le porier au premier plan . 2007 The poor 21 years old pear tree at the foreground.

Several times on Xanga I spoke about a stunted pear tree surviving in my veggie garden, more less covered by a big cherry tree . It has been planted in 1986 and during many years it did not give any fruits . but I thought of Luke 13,6-9 and I let it live its little life .In 2007 ,21 year later we got some pears at last (first photo) .

Depuis lors, il a donné 10 à 15 de poires par an et même 20 l’année dernière, mais il a toujours l’air très malheureux. Il se penche cherchant désespérément la lumière. La deuxième photo le montre et vous voyez quelques branches sur un tronc court. Je dois les soutenir avec un conseil pour éviter qu’elles se cassent. Mais voyez-vous les fleurs. Je suis sûr que le petit arbre vaillant nous donnera sa part de poires. Il Il semble que l’ arbre chétif veuille survivre par ses fruits et il le fait.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAin Avril (April ) 2015   The stunted pear tree is bending and has to be sustained
la poirier chétif penche et doit être soutenu

Since then it gave 10 to 15 pears per year and even 20 last year but it still looks very miserable . it is bending searching desperately the light . The second photo shows it and you see some branches on a short trunk. I have to sustain them with a wooden plank to avoid they break . But you see the flowers . I am sure the valiant little tree will give us its share of pears . It looks like the stunted pear tree wants to survive with its fruits and it does

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29 Responses to The stunted pear tree. Le poirier chétif

  1. cocosangel says:

    I am glad you left as is, and now you can see the fruits.

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I had a peach tree like that–small and sad looking, but peaches were wonderful.



  3. yes those are old trees but still very productive !

  4. I would call it the ‘lucky pear tree’. 🙂 It’s doing the best it can.

  5. This pear tree is a good analogy to life! No matter what our struggles and obstacles and handicaps we must not only find ways to survive, we can thrive! I hope it produces many pears this year! 🙂
    So good to see you here on WP, Michel! 🙂
    ❤ and HUGS!!! 🙂

  6. sunsetdragon says:

    What a lovely little tree and I bet the pears are mouth watering.

  7. puffpop says:

    The pear tree tries so hard to survive….We had a most delicious pear tree in OH. We can’t grow cherries or pears in FL. We do have a few peach trees but they are nothing like the peach trees in other sections of the USA. I do know the story of the fig tree that did not bear fruit. You are not guilty since you have always been kind and caring and a blessing to so many.

    Votre amie,
    Francoise. (I don’t know why I picked puffpop…a funny name.

  8. jstnotherday says:

    Wow, 21 years… makes me think of the stories of Job, and of Abraham…
    there is a great story of faith in that little pear tree. 🙂

  9. marica0701 says:

    We have some fruit trees (an apple, a quince, and I think nectarines) but they aren’t doing well in the five or so years we’ve had them. But after reading this post, I will have faith and give them more time 🙂

    Hope you are having a joyous and relaxing weekend! 🙂

  10. guestbrief says:

    The little pear tree is blessed to find itself in a garden belonging to such a kind gardener. 🙂


  11. Chriss says:

    I’m very excited that I can once again read your blog. I’m sorry you had to leave xanga, but selfishly happy for me! 😊

  12. blb1 says:

    I suppose this summer again I can reach across the fence and pick oranges from the un-pruned orange tree. So much fruit from it goes to waste.

  13. Marilyn Thysell says:

    Nature makes sure that it will continue to please you with pears. Some living things just slower than other, but are persistant. Enjoy the pears come harvest season.

  14. Zakiah says:

    just like the saying goes, don’t underestimate the power of the small or the stunted! You still eat their fruits don’t you? 🙂 Love, Zakiah.

  15. Larry says:

    It sure looks as though this little tree is determined to survive and thrive, and you are to thank for nursing it back to health! May the pears keep coming!

  16. Anne-Marie says:

    Je hume déjà l’odeur de la (des) bonne(s) tarte(s) à venir 🙂
    Bravo à ce vaillant petit arbre et à son jardinier!!

  17. Tima says:

    Hello Michel 🙂
    I see you are here on WordPress, are you going to blog on WordPress and also Xanga?
    I must say that pear tree is a true symbol of determination and strength, no matter how difficult it was for it to bear tree, it never gave up and bore fruit eventually. It never gave up and even till now it still stands, although miserably looking but grand, stands strong.

    I shall bookmark this blogsite on my favorites 🙂

  18. Rachel Geselman-Mocherman says:

    My dear friend, I can see your posts! I am so excited about that! I enjoy seeing your pear tree, as well as all the things of your garden! It is time to plant again. We must renew the earth with our hard work and our spirits with contentment and joy! (((HUGS)))

  19. So glad I can see your post here. I don’t have a wordpress account. Is it easy to use?

  20. Cheri_Herald says:

    I’m glad you let the pear tree live.

  21. The pear tree teaches us a message! ❤

  22. julie essex says:

    We all bend in old age Michel 😀 but it must be great to get so many pears from the tree.

  23. mlbncsga says:

    It is good to see you here Mornin Glorie…I love your garden, I hope you keep supporting this pear tree! ILYM
    Hebrews 12:12
    Therefore, strengthen the hands that are weak and the knees that are feeble,

  24. amber. says:

    “bending searching desperately for light..”
    i feel i can identify with this little pear tree. :))

  25. Simplicity facilitates awareness ❤ Love

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