perce neige février 2015O Snowdrop!

Ô perce-neige
Ô snowdrop!

English version after the French text

En cet après-midi de Janvier J ‘ai été surpris de voir les perce-neige qui commençaient déjà à se montrer. Je me suis souvenu que j’ avais déjà fait une entrée sur Xanga à ce propos , en Février 2003 . Déjà 12 ans ! j ‘ ai sauvé mes anciennes entrées  sur CD . Je pensais qu’il serait bon  de la poster à nouveau . Le problème a été d’extraire la photo du disque . J ‘ ai dû imprimer et scanner .

   On this afternoon at  the end of January 2015 I was surprised to see the snowdrops already showing up. I remembered  I had posted about on Xanga  in February 2003. . Already 12 years ago !  I had saved my old entries on CD . I thought  It would be good to post it again. The problem was to extract the photo from this old  CD : I had to print and scan it.


Ô Perce – Neige !

Je vous connais depuis des années ,
Au même endroit vous apparaissez .
Le dur hiver, point vous ne craignez
Et , à l ‘ heure dites vous survenez ,
Sempiternels .

Malgré l ‘ hivernale rigueur
Vous étalez vos blanches fleurs.
Nous vous croyions morts et desséchés
Mais chaque année vous revivez ,
Immortels .

J ‘ admire votre ténacité ,
Votre discrète et simple beauté .
Vous annoncez – nous l ‘ espoir et la paix ?
Etes – vous le signe de l ‘ Amour qui naît ?

Michel Fauquet
Amiens  Février 2003


O snowdrops

I know you for so many years ,
At the same place you do appear .
Of the winter , you have not fear
And in time you always are here ,
Sempiternal .

In spite of this so hard winter
You are blooming your white flowers .
We believed you were dried and dead
But every year you rise your head
Immortal .

I admire your tenacity ,
Your humble and simple beauty .
Do you tell us hope and peace above ?
Are you the sign of the nascent Love ?
Eternal .

Michel Fauquet
Amiens  february 2003

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15 Responses to snowdrops

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Afrernoon, Michel

    I loved your photos and prose. I feel the same way about my yellow roses–they give me hope in some wondeful way.



  2. Flowers are loyal friends. 🙂

  3. Your flowers and your words are so beautiful, Michel! 🙂 They make me smile, and get a little teary-eyed.
    (((HUGS))) and ❤ !!! 🙂

  4. sunsetdragon says:

    Very sweet and beautiful words and lovely photo.

  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Ty so very much for your comment and kindness on the post about TD’s brother in law and his spine cancer.

  6. “God Speaking To Anne Terri Through The Holy Spirit: On Xanga, your posts were magnificent, Especially when you would focus on nature, and your wonderful artistic sketches. These are good memories for Anne. Now, We have over 300 e-mails daily from followers looking for God. Seems Carlo’s post is worthy in this direction, as is yours about the snowdrops. These are signs of renewal. There is little time to play now online, for there are many important matters I Handle.
    We are here on WordPress about once a month. AMEN”

    “Dieu qui parle à Anne Terri par l’Esprit Saint: Sur Xanga, vos messages étaient magnifiques, en particulier lorsque vous souhaitez mettre l’accent sur la nature, et vos croquis artistiques merveilleuses. Ce sont de bons souvenirs pour Anne. Maintenant, nous avons plus de 300 e-mails tous les jours de disciples à la recherche de Dieu. Semble poste de Carlo est digne dans cette direction, comme ce est le vôtre sur les perce-neige. Ce sont des signes de renouveau. Il ya peu de temps à jouer en ligne, car il ya de nombreuses questions importantes que je poignée.
    Nous sommes ici sur WordPress environ une fois par mois. AMEN “

  7. atzenicarlo says:

    I See your post in word press only now.
    Very nice post, very appropriate for the time of the year. It is cold wind and the sun is shining.
    We had hail yesterday. Brrrrr.
    Ryc: Lot of trees in the dune forest are pine trees. They planted a lot of trees to try to avoid the sand taking over, as you know it is not very easy for trees to grow near the see; salty soil and cold see winds. They did a big efort to create this forest with all kind of trees to survive the harsh climate. some trees succeed, others didn’t. The dune forest of De Haan is a special unique forest.



  8. I had to mow my lawn and rake leaves this last weekend. It rarely freezes in Tampa, so we have flowers all year long. Right now there are big pink flowers that look like roses in our shrubs, and little yellow blossoms that look like buttercups in the lawn.

  9. amber~ says:

    beautiful poem, michel.
    no matter the harshness of winter –
    spring always comes.
    oh, the hope! love it.

  10. It is March 12th!!! Yay!!! Happy Birthday, Michel! 🙂 You are such a joy! I appreciate your wisdom, kindness, fun, and friendship!!! 🙂
    🎈 🎁 🎂 🎈 🎁 🎂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  11. cheezlouise says:

    Salut Michel, j’ai déménagé à WordPress aussi ! J’espère pouvoir commencer à bloguer une fois de plus. Ton copainChele_D

  12. Tim Beddard says:

    I have to confess I know little about poetry Michel, but do appreciate its rhyming beauty. The fact that it rhymes after it has been translated into English I find truly amazing!! You certainly have an artistic gift in more than one art. Poetry, Painting and Flute playing are the ones that I know about. I expect there are others. Well done!

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